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Cartouche Female Diadem: Equititi
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This page provides information on the main topic; Cartouche Female Diadem: Equititi. Its intent is to keep documented content and materials on the fanonical female diadem discussed within the article and its related pages on this site.

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The female diadem known by the name of Preistess Elexiis Atenshun Equititi serves as a cornerstone in the spiritual ministries in the name of Nefertiti. Her entourage of Shijas (or 'female assasins') gave the entire cartouche transparency in lieu of the great distances between temples and their envoys.

Her name is translated into Attention to the Balance of Life & Death; (or the Signs of the Trumpets of Heaven) a name of royal ascent and of the ministries.

  • Cartouche Female Diadem: Equititi
  • Preistess Equititi