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Cartouche Female Diadem: Ho-Via Minnetonka
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This page provides information on the main topic; Cartouche Female Diadem: Ho-Via Minnetonka. Its intent is to keep documented content and materials on the fanonical female diadem discussed within the article and its related pages on this site.

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The female diadem known by the name of Polmedia Ho-Via Minnetonka helped established countless ministries in the name of Nefertiti. Her stature within the cartouche became transparent at her suffixiation, adding the Minnitonka as a symbol of purity within the scriptures.

Her name is translated into Palomino Javier; (or the Flying Horse) a name of distinction and high esteem.

  • Cartouche Female Diadem: Ho-Via Minnetonka

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