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Welcome to the Nefertiti Incantations and Spells: The Sutenearta base page for all Nefertiti Wiki fanon study groups. This page focus is the Nefertiti Incantations and Spells: The Sutenearta. It also gives general information into the background of Nefertiti Incantations and Spells: The Sutenearta and any definitive topics that may be observed.

The Suteneata Etyology
Nefertiti Incantations and Spells: The Sutenearta
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Sacred Spells of Nature & Environment

Sutenearta Incantations

Nature of the Universe:

Nefertiti Cartouche Sutenearta

Environment of Worlds:

Nature, Earth, Flowing and Bodies of Water, Edible Plants, Rocks and Mountains, Trees and Shrubs, Ignoble and Noble Beast, Trade, Inventions

Fury Against Man:

Storms, Tsunamii, Avalance, Plagues, Lunar Phases, Earthquakes, Starvation

Elements of Nature:

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Rhythms of Nature:

Metronomes, Astronomes, Polynomes & Luminaries

The Passage of the Dead:


Intellectual Planes:


Transient of Labour:


Implementation Papyrus:

.vue, .car, .bry


Sutenearta Exhibits
  • Cartouche Anteglyph: Nois

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