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Welcome to the SuperWikia; Content Inventory Assembly (CIA) base page for all SuperWikia CIA study groups. Using the 'Browse or Else' features, you will be able to enhance your research capabilities as well as update your proxeum's and group reporting. SuperWikia CIA prime directives are to establish the basic layout for SuperWikia Alpha and its infrastructural codebase. On this page you will find the seven element types, their license classification and all assembly usage information and interactivity for each component.
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The SuperWikia CIA uses a system of referencing known as a Technology Tree to assemble all of its components and codebase hierarchies. The Technology Tree has seven (7) main branches, each with a layered number of sub-branches which illustrate a summary of the SuperWikia Alpha hierarchy based upon the reference level of the subject area situated therein. The following table holds the seven main branches of the SuperWikia CIA Technology Tree:

The SuperWikia Alpha 'Technology Tree'
SuperWikia Alpha- Statements & Declarations

Technology Tree Component 01 <toggledisplay>

  • Semicorp Filings
  • Brand Conventions (see; 'Semicom Branding')
  • Rights Policies
  • Acceptance Agreement Certification
  • Notice Placement & Placeholders
  • Derivative Classes
  • Open Source & Proprietary Platforms
  • Non-Circumvent Disclosures & Disclaimers


SuperWikia Alpha- Element Deployment & Entity Logistics

Technology Tree Component 02 <toggledisplay>

  • Order of Operation (for Element Counter-Measures)
  • for Enforcer Entities
  • for Controllers Entities
  • Codebase Parsing & Other Functions


SuperWikia Alpha- Liability Contribution Coverage

Technology Tree Component 03 <toggledisplay>

  • Exponential Version Identification Liability Coverage
  • Exponential Version Identification Limited Liability Coverage


Superwikia Alpha- Property & Content Management

Technology Tree Component 04 <toggledisplay>

  • Soft Product-
  • Term Product-
  • After Product-
  • Pre-Product-
  • Label Product-
  • End Product-
  • Super Product-


SuperWikia Alpha- Asset Authentication & Restructuring (for Extensions & Prescriptions)

Technology Tree Component 05 <toggledisplay>

  • Buildup Structure Operations
  • Registry & Operating Systems Operations
  • Activation & Version Control Operations
  • Notice & Error Reporting Operations
  • Directory Filing Operations
  • Overwrite & Uninstall Operations
  • Network Update Operations


SuperWikia Alpha- Trust Licensing Certification

Technology Tree Component 06 <toggledisplay>

  • Seals for System Reference Libraries
  • Seals for Testing & Conformity
  • Seals for Assurances
  • Seals for Performance Quality
  • Seals for Laboratory Compliance
  • Seals for Evaluations & User Surveys
  • Seals for Serviceability


SuperWikia Alpha- Secured Protection Assurance & Coverage for En Corporatii (SPACE)

Technology Tree Component 07 <toggledisplay>

  • Semicom Security Updates
  • Semicom Encryption Management Updates
  • Semicom Licensing & Branding Updates
  • Semicom Packaged Operational Version Updates
  • Semicom ARELY Updates
  • Semicom Transcom T-PE Allocation Updates
  • Semicom System Updates


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